Monday, February 14

a girls' weekend

There's just something about being left alone.  When Mr. Wookie leaves on business/Naval needs/testicals tethered to his aircraft, it used to spell a sense of mild depression within me.  I wouldn't get out of pajamas, I wouldn't eat anything but Cheerios, and I wouldn't leave the house.  Up until a short while ago, my social circle here sucked.  I know I've mope'd before, but when you leave behind great can only blarg at the reality that with the Navy you get to start life over every 3 years.

But enter Sweet Pea.  And a larger social circle thanks to the Wives Group and my job.  But that's not the focus on this post.  

Now there's a reason to get up in the morning.  Usually because she's whimpering on the other side of the bedroom door, Moooom, I have to use the grass! because the weekends don't come with alarm clocks.  But she's good at making sure we know her needs.

This morning we ventured out for a super walk.  She was all wags.  Okay, nubs.  But you get the picture.  We hang out.  She naps.  A lot.  She bugs me to play ball with her.  Then she finally off'd her last squeaker ball.  We're out.  That one lasted at least 2 weeks.  It was amazing.

The weather this weekend pushed 75+ on Saturday, which was enough for us to open up the back door for ol' fashioned air circulation and some lounging.  I think she's okay with life.

This morning she did rush into the bedroom after I came out in our walking gear looking for Mr. Wookie.  It was sweet.  But sad.  I don't know how she feels when she can't find him.  Does she understand?  I hope she knows he'll be back when he does leave.  It's nothing personal.  It's business.  Literally.  There will be more times like these.  When it's more than a weekend, more than a month, and maybe more than 6 months.

But the welcome homes are always worth it.  Although I might have to glue the nub back on.  It may be wagged off in excessive force.

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