Tuesday, February 1

happy birthday to the patriarch!

This morning after strolling Facebook, I went, "oh shit."

One quick text later: "Haaaaaaappppy Birthday Daaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!"

Yup, it's his birthday.  All 49+ years.  So he's celebrating it like I would.  He was at the bar last I texted him, hopefully nabbin' a free pint from Bartender Taryne (we went to high school together).  I wish I could be there with him, because I could definitely use a pint of local brew.  Then have Mama Ging drive us home. ;)

Thanks Dad for the wise wisdom.  Thanks for the ridiculous inseams.  Thanks for refined palate in alcoholic particulates.  Thanks for the Beaver gear at the beginning of each season.  And the loans from Bank of Dad.

You're the best.

But you could be better.  Two words: Trust Fund.  Just sayin'.

1 comment:

  1. I love the trust fund hint!! Happy Birthday to your Daddio!!