Wednesday, September 9

Bon Voyage!

She's gone. Again. Story of her life. And not just a few weeks or a couple months time. This girl seems to jump ship for a years-length of time. Next stop: Vienna, Austria.

First it was Germany for a year. Which some awesome Ging (me!) trekked 10 hours on a flight to see her. Not to mention, after almost missing my flight entirely, and de-magnetizing both my debit card and credit card. But I was successful in packing for 2 weeks abroad the morning of my flight (however, that's not why I was late to the airport, fyi).

This time she's on the other end of the radar. No longer student, it's now TEACHER!

I don't have too many details right now, but when we launch her blog this week (oh, yes, you people will succumb to her blog also - Kerb, no pressure now. But in all honestly, it has to be funny. Super funny. Use that brain of yours. If you can study multiple languages, you can humor me. Now go. Try. Succeed!!).

And I need your address too. :D

She left at 1:30pm PST out of Portland, OR (PDX) aboard a Lufthansa flight.

If you have the chance to fly non-American (but I'm not talking like a piss flight between Nepalese villages), go for it. Free alcohol. Better food. Announcements that aren't in English. Good time, great oldies, cool 107!

Not sure what time that puts her into Frankfurt, Germany, but she's probably there by now. She's staying with a friend in Mainz (where she went to school for a year - a town about 45 minutes outside Frankfurt), before she takes the train south, over ze Alps, into Austria, and to the awesome place she'll live for a school year.

Kerb, best of luck. Not like I won't hear from you. Let me know what kind of phone plan you have. If we can accomodate texting. If not, Skype dates it is. And I'll put your time zone on my phone so I can track where you are in your day. Keep me posted. We'll launch the blog soon. Tell Julia hi for me. And I need to email Sandra Grau Grau too. Have some schoko brotchen for me. And some schoko milchen. And ein dunkelweiss, bitte. Ampelmanchen! Omg, now seriously, I may need an Ampelmanchen mug. The green Ampelmanchen. Let me know what you see and how much that would run to ship one back to me.

And what do you want/need from the East Coast? I have mermaids, Navy flair, Obama gear, non-micro beer...

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  1. I love it! I was in Frankfurt punctually at 8:30am. But of course, I sat next to the smelly guy. One of the more than 100 surely on board. Been bummin around Mainz, ran into Jules, and yes, I will tell her hi! Yes, I can text you for 19cent. You can text me? If so, its on. Email me your nubmer, bitte. And don't open birthday present 1.0 until at least 12:01 EST Oct 6, bitte. Danke schön. Tschüss!!! :D xxx talk soon!