Monday, September 21

Emmy Aftermath

I didn't watch them, but I'm happy with the results. And the host. Oh, NPH...

And if the only thing you get out of this post is to watch one movie, I did my job.

Jessica Lange won Best Actress in a Movie for Grey Gardens (a remake) on HBO. It was produced by Drew Barrymore, and it was stellar. Very thought-provoking. A great movie. I watched it twice by myself, and once more with my mom. Then again by myself. It definitely helped me in making my decision to jump East. I recommend downloading it. Legally or illegally, your call. Or Netflixing it. Or HBO-ing it. Something.

Mad Men won,'s Mad Men. Don Draper doesn't need a reason.

A look at that body. She defies modern genetics with looking that good. Dayum...

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  1. I'm totally going to watch Grey Gardens now. I was wondering if it was really that good, but given that you've watched it four times and it helped you make a big life decision it's def now the next movie on my list.