Tuesday, September 15

Today's Specifics

Wake Up Time: 5:09am. "Hey baby, it's 5am, don't you need to get up?" Awake from peaceful sleep, look at the clock, think No, it's not 5am, it's 5:09am, there's a difference, 5am allows me to pretend I'm sleeping for another 9 minutes...but instead you made me think that I have 9 minutes of delaying the inevitable need of getting up way too early.

Breakfast: Okay, no surprise here. A gigantic bowl of Cheerios. And this time they all stayed in the bowl as I walked from the kitchen to the coffee table (we're still kinda searching for a pub-height, 2 stools with-backs, table to officially call a dining nook). Yesterday was a little crazy as over a dozen suicidal Cheerios jumped from the bowl all over the floor. And I forgot to clean them up. Wook thought a grenade went off in the battle of Captain Crunch vs the Honey Bee.

But let's not forget my mission yesterday of tracking down vegan butter (yes, an oxymoron, I agree) and egg replacer. I'm bringing in homemade vegan pumpkin muffins this morning since we have to be in really early today. And yes, one of coworkers is vegan. And it's not like it'll hurt us to eat vegan. Besides, it was kinda interesting to watch a vegan recipe come together (the egg replacer is a powder you add water to - weird - and then the amount of baking powder is ungodly).

The Attire: I don't know yet, story of most mornings.

Lunch Date: It'll be my leftover Thai food from Saturday night.

The End: Thank goodness tomorrow isn't as earlier as a morning. Yay, sleep.

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