Tuesday, September 29

Touchdown Wrong Coast!

I'm here. Alive. All things with me. Only a slight headache.

It wasn't too bad. I zonked out a good portion from Portland to Chicago. Then I had a half hour layover in Chicago, which left me finding a bar right next to my gate. "Blue Moon and a cheeseburger, please."

Then in the 6 minutes it took me to eat my burger, I had a 45 minute delay.

I love when news is sprung on me after alcohol kicks in, because then I don't care.

But alas, we make it all the way to Norfolk. Wook picks me up. We start driving. I start yelling at the idiots who can't drive correctly. The retards who can't stay in their lane. I'm tired of Norfolk already. And it's only been 17 minutes.

Tomorrow's back to the grindstone. Back to the working life. Back to dreaming of the West Coast. Of the superb beer. Of my family. Of the Orange and Black. Of next time.

1 comment:

  1. The Sheriff says rest up, it takes a lot of energy to yell at all those idiots.

    I'm sure your west coast fan club is also looking forward to your numerous postings given all the material you now have to work with.

    Finally, just for the sake of accuracy, let's call it a metal tube not a steel tube. The thrust to weight ratio of a steel tube that size would be mind boggleing.