Monday, September 7

Happy Labor Day!

Here's to those who are enjoying picnics, or concerts, or roadtrips back from Boston in a car full of dudes and 80's rock bands, I hope your labor day is a great day off.

I'm in the midst of a torrential downpour for who-knows-how-long. But it's not like I mind. I live for days that bring me back to Corvallis (larger picture: Oregon). It's not often that the memories of home can be brought on with God's watering can. I guess that solidifies that notion that I'll be inside all day, since the wrath of Hurricane Ashley still needs to be cleaned up. Where's FEMA when you need them? Oh wait, that's right...I'd be waiting a week to get any sort of response. Guess I'll have to start cleaning it on my own. Boo.

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