Sunday, September 6

It's Late, Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

Well for my parents, I'll tell you where I'm going. To bed. *yawn*

I had a rough day today.

I woke up. Had a delicious bowl of Cheerios. Started cranking out this awesome brochure for my dad. Webcam-ed with the Sheriff while we fine-tuned this piece of delectable creativity. Put a fork in it and called it good. All while I snacked on cocktail peanuts "MADE WITH PURE SEA SALT." And lamented about how I need to clean the house before wook gets home otherwise Mrs Wookie will become Mrs Homeless.

So now I'm tired. I had a delicious dinner of French Toast Sunday. I fed the turtles. I've changed into pajamas. And I'm ready for some unconsciousness. I mean, my eyelids are drooping while I barely put this post together.

Tomorrow will be a big day. Well, at least a busy day. I have the entire house to pick up. Sadly Hurricane Ashley still resides over this apartment, strewing contents and possessions everywhere. Good thing I have all day tomorrow to make things right before the wookie of the house makes it home. Ready, set, clean!

But first, I am le tired...

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