Wednesday, September 30

Do You Know How To Make A Person Feel Like They Don't Belong?

So I went back to Oregon this past weekend for a visit. A reintroduction of my roots.

Person: "Wow, you sure look East Coast."
Me: *GASP!!!!* "No, don't say that."

I was slightly offended. Slightly taken aback. I didn't know how to respond. I didn't want to unload a "wtf????" I just sort of stood there, jaw open, sure of my strong West Coast-ness, my love for all things relaxed and un-uptight.

I recycle...religiously...for crying out load. I love Columbia. And Chacos. And Subarus. I joke about being a lesbian and taking my dogs for hikes. I'm not offended by rainbow stickers and gay marriage. I live for the rain. And wavy, unpolished hair. I choose enviro-friendly products for even the most menial cleaning ventures.

How could I be called East Coast??

I'll recover. Somehow. After a healthy dose of real mountains, micro brews, pine trees, and Big Foot sightings. So for starters, anyone seen wook?

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