Thursday, June 12

Are you people serious?

So last Saturday evening...well, no...night, after the family got back from Hayley's graduation (woohoo, last one! I'll post of that later), I gave Collin a call because we were supposed to hang out around 930. Well ya, that didn't exactly happen. But he wasn't too butthurt, so no worries.

Well we're chit-chatting (my new favorite hyphenated word combination), and after much deliberation, and against my original plan, but according to the Rent a Boyfriend: The Handbook, it was now my term to grace his parents' house for a night of cheap beer, Porky's, and sleeping. (No, not passing out. Just sleeping. I only had two beers, sadly, before I grew tired. Woohoo, lovin' these mid-20's).

So here's the conversation with my mother:

Me: "So here's the plan. I'm going over to Collin's, we're going to watch Porky's, and I'm going to stay the night over there."

Mom: "You're going to stay the night over there?"

Me: "Uh, ya." (Not like, "ugh, ya," more like "duuuuh, ya.")

Mom: "Umm, what does wook think about this?"

Me: *laughing* He's fine with it.

Mom: "Ashley, I'm being serious."

Me: *serious face* "No, he won't care. He's [Collin] slept over here before." (Which makes it soo much better, lol. Crap could have still gone on downstairs if it were desirable).

Mom: "Ooookay, well as long as you think he's okay with it." (Ya, that guilt trip worked about as well as Dick Cheney going to Gun Safety class).

So then I told my dad where I was going, as he commented, "Porky's a classic," and I was off my way.

The kicker of the story is that apparently Collin's parents fliiiipped a liiiid; something to the tune of, "Are you and Katie okay? Does Katie know who she is?"

oh parents...

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