Monday, June 16

Yay, last one!

So for those who don't know, my baby sister graduated from high school a week or so ago. It was painfull long, but that's the last of high school for our family. Woohoo.

Plus no one got pregnant in high school, which some families aren't that lucky.

So here's Hayley and her goof troop (Brad, her, Lyndsay-yea, and Ape). Brad and Hay are headed to Portland State University, April to OSU (Go Beavs!), and Lyndsay's going some place exotic. No, not the local community college. I just can't remember.

This picture sums up our family in one caption: functionally disfunctional. Can you tell we're all related?

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  1. shit. I forgot her card. I'll send an email expaining why....