Tuesday, June 3


So this past weekend my mom and I were glued to HGTV (story of our lives). Well we're watching one of those shows where the patrons are showed three varying properties, and then they choose from there.

Well...the couple was this psuedo-athletic, short-haired, medium-voiced pair of ladies moving to New Orleans. They were doctors who met in med school, had their residency together, and are making the move from somewhere in the northern sector of the East Coast to Lousiana. After showing their tiny apartment, we got to see the three houses for their options.

Then all of a sudden my mom asks, "I wonder how they decide who get the master."

I was speechless.

They just screeeammed lesbian. I swear a blind person would know just listening to them.

I mean, come on. Who buys a house with just a friend?

And this is even after I made a comment of how gay friendly New Orleans is.

Sometimes I wonder...

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