Saturday, June 21

Aww, my poor daddy

So as I debated what to post about today, considering today was highly uneventful at the watering hole this morning (tried different bait configurations, but zero bites. Zilch. Boo.). took a turn...

My Sheriff-looking-hooligan of a dad was rear-ended today while coming back from Office Depot. Let's preface the story by saying that my dad loooves driving my car because he thinks of it as a Miata, lol. Anyways, he had stopped for some kids at a crosswalk and screeching tires...boom!

"Ashley, we're sorry, but your dad was rear-ended while you were napping."

"Uh oh, is my stuff in the trunk okay?"

"Ashley (said sadly), your dad feels bad."

"Will I get reimbursed for a broken humidifier?"

Poor daddy. Do we need a gin and tonic? Nurse Bombay Sapphire will be right there to assist you.

Just so you're well informed when the FBI comes along and asks if I deserve a new car. And I know you're worried, but the Beaver alumni plate is okay. :)

Oh ya, I forgot to say that it was a Suburban who creamed into my lil Korean car. I should let Kim Jong Il know that someone offended his country. Maybe he'd get me a new car.

So my dad feels really bad. Eh, it's just a car. I mean, I love the Cruiser. She's been good. But in the end, it's just a car. My dad's okay now. We've got him on a gin and tonic saline drip. He should make a full recovery this weekend.

Looks like we're not going fishing again tomorrow since the car is decomm-ed for the time being, and my fishing buddy is recovering. Oh well, there's always next week.


  1. How does the sherriff in a western movie get rear-ended??? Wouldn't that get horse pucky on the one in the back's nose? Ok, I tried to make a joke and it failed. I'm glad you're dad's ok. I'm sorry that your car isn't. I'm sending a hug.

  2. hahahahahahah...

    humor still effective, and highly beneficial. ya, he's fine. he kept saying, "i think i tore my aorta" and grabbing the right side of his chest. (psst, dad, the aorta is on the left side).

    so the adjuster comes monday, so we'll see about the future of the Cruiser. I'm not really partial. The only thing about having to get a new car would be actually picking one. You see how I am with flippin' shoes. I have to blog about 'em! lol. :)