Friday, June 6

Tag, I'm it...ugh

So this morning as I pleaded for the phone to ring after completing the tasks left on my desk from the night before, I racked my brain for the last 10 books I read.

Well, here's the last 9 books, and 1 magazine, I read. :)

1.) Women's Health magazine.

Oh, get over it. I needed something quasi-stimulating in hopes of inspiring me to start lifting and running, in addition to my yoga routine.

2.) The Garden of Vegan (Tanya Barnard & Sarah Kramer)

I've debated the idea of going veg-head, and this cookbook has a lot of delicious-sounding recipes. Now it's not that I am against slaughtering bacon or's that I'm a girl, and the grill is a man's world (yes, I know I'm reversing the years women have come in the struggle. But men are much better handling meat.)

So in other words, I'm too lazy to cook meat.

3.) Eat Right for Your Type (Peter D'Adamo, ND)

This crazy book is about eating right according to your blood type. Nuts!

This guy used to work at a cleansing day spa place and saw that not everyone lost weight with the lean food they were served. He then went on to study the blood types and how different foods reacted with the chemicals and yada in them.

4.) Marriage, Divorce, & Astrology

Ya, this one was really cool, although short and sweet. It breaks each astrological sign down into the good, bad, and ugly about you (and you can also look up your partner's sign) as a boyfriend/girlfriend, man/wife (i had to say that cuz i know Sarah hates it, lol), and divorcee, lol.

Let's just say it was quite on the ball.

(If anyone wants, I can scan their signs and email.)

5.) Voluntary Simplicity Movement (Kim Edwards)

Exactly as it sounds, it's teaching to reduce the ability global consumerism has on the world. I deem this important because I'm attempting to tackle my own finances, thus desire to spend when I need and save where I can. I don't wanna have a pitiful nestegg when it's time to retire.

Also, zero clutter = much lower stress. (This a goal of mine but probably won't be seen through until after I make the leap outta the nest. It's hard converting into a 10'x12' jailcell into a viable living space after having 900+ sqft in an apartment).

6.) What Color is Your Parachute? (Richard Nelson Bolles)

Holy crap, awesome book! It breaks down the stressful job of job hunting into manageable tasks. It's been published each year since 1970-something, so it's not like they leave viable information out. NOooo. Chapters on salary negotiation, interview techniques, the ways to get a job that not many know about....well worth the beer I will buy Collin in favor.

7.) Bluetooth's Owner Manual

Yes, this is a book. Do I need to explain why I read it?

8.) Long Distance Relationships for Dummies

Again, is an explanation needed?

9.) The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova)

Wow, this book...amazing.

Although it's historical fiction, I found myself really believing in the chases and tales between man and vampire. Beyond good. Bitchin'. It takes a lil while to get into the story, but once that sucks you in (well at least it did me). I would read it again.

10.) Colditz: The Definitive History: The Untold Story of WWII's Great Escapes (Henry Chancellor)

A must read for anyone interested in WWII, POW struggles, and the intelligence that came with being stuck in a maximum security camp and desire to escape. Some of the scenarios Hollywood wouldn't even come up with. I borrowed this from wook, and highly recommend it the men and fellow-minded ladies.

I even tried to visit Leipzig, Germany, but unfortunately it wasn't in the stars.

Oh well, next time!

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