Tuesday, June 17

Mr. Canadian becomes Mr. Ensign

So this weekend marked the ending of an era for NROTC. Mr. Crowe commissioned. Yay!

Being the delegate from Iceland I am, I was there to commemorate (along with my Rent-A-Boyfriend Collin...minus the *good stuff*, lol). I definitely felt a lil nostalgic, a lil misty-eyed, and quite a bit happy. Although Crowe didn't go aviation like the boys wanted him, he'll have some fun stories about Power School and great stories about deploying on a sub (and coming back a gay man, lol).

Oh Mr. Crowe just looks so handsome.

His parents are so nice, and his mom was cute as she struggled with the darn shoulder boards.

Muahhahaah, a blogger paparazzi! (Yes, that's Mrs. Christensen, in her smokin' dress).

Crowe's family made it down from the land of Canadia (including his creepy chi-mo (child molester) Uncle Ray, who just had to hug me. *shudder*).

Representing Corvallis the best we could as the only Oregonians left.

The day went well, as we enjoyed champagne after commissioning (I had four glasses, along with Sarah Furrer and Mr. Crowe Sr., no judging). After that, we hit up Trysting Tree for golf and beer. I drank more beer than hit balls. Like a third of the pitcher of beer. Oh well. I have to work my tolerance up somehow.

It was great to see people come back for Crowe's commissioning (i.e. Abbott and Linard [who drove from IDAHO for CROWE. I sense a man-crush.]).

And as he leaves in September for S. Carolina, we'll be trying our best to get camping adventures in before he heads off to the sad life of the navy: separation. But I'll leave that can of worms for another post. Needn't depress this joyous post of Mr. Crowe joining the ranks of other OSU alumni. Go Navy, Beat Army.

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