Wednesday, June 11

Round 2.....FIGHT!

So I've finally gotten around to transfering the new pics of the second round of Costco. Just an fyi to everyone, I've pretty much solidified what pair I love. They were a surprise choice by my mother. I loved them on. I loved them again in the pics.

Let's see how good you all are. :)

Again, my hair is post-work. I'll try and get pics of it while it's fresh (I'm shooting for this weekend at Crowe's commissioning).

Jill Stuart

I didn't write down this Designer label...woops.

Bulova, frame 1

Bulova, frame 2

So this is actually the first shot of the night. My mom thought "head shot" meant...just your head in the shot. That's why she's not Leibowitz.

If she were, Miley Cyrus would have been in a moomoo.

Bulova, frame 3

Bulova, frame 4 (ya, I don't know why I chose so many. Not a clue.)

I'm thinking this is my mugshot. "Sorry officer, I didn't mean to steal all those books from the library. Will you still handcuff me?" ;)

Dior, "damn they don't make 'em like this anymore" (haha, had to throw a lil Kanye in the mix.)

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