Thursday, June 19

Oh, the life of a Libran...

So this evening, with my mother in tow, I set out to find a cute pair of shoes; something casual than can go with skirts, shorts, capris, etc. I've been searching for this pair since...well...September, in Pittsburgh, with Sarah, Braxton, and brewing KQ. Ya, I know.

Well, as I hit up JCPenney (which I realize isn't Saks, but daaaayum they have some cute "look at me, I'm a hot, working professional" clothes, so ya), I find a cute pair of what I'll call "rompin'" shoes. Yes, I realize I don't have recess anymore, but that's essentially what I'm going for: the "I'm running out the door, I don't wanna actually put shoes on, wow, these are fabulous" kinda shoes.

So what I bought to walk around the house in, since I wasn't sold on their comfort, strictly their cuteness are these
They're Mudd. On sale. Kinda squishes the toe, but I don't know if that was just residual pain from the shoes I wore all day, lol. Can you sense why I'm going for comfort here?

Then...the second favorite place in the mall, even though it's sliiiightly above my budget, is Macy's. They have a to-die-for shoe section. (Okay, again, not Manolo's design study, but crimany, it's Medford).

These are Roxy. Super cute, but a.) too juvenile? (I guess that question could be had for the previous selection), and b.) would this be able to go with a lot since it is half black? (And something I just thought of...Ashley + white shoes = every mother's first thought with white shoes. "You're just going to get them dirty.") Shucks.

And lastly as I was perusing G.I. Joe's (no, it's not "Joe's" to us [bull**** marketing campaign] excuse my french, lol, but not really) on my way to Fred Meyer for Cheerios (we would have had a Code Red in the morning if I wouldn't have stopped for more), I came across these faaabulous beings (about time I get to the end of the sentence without another sub-thought, right? lol).

And although these aren't the exact ones I found (they were actually khaki), I'm loooving the red. But my question is, too predictable? Does it scream "where's your recyclable grocery bag?" Lol, I mean, it should, I have like 5 of those things. Love 'em!

So ya, so far I'm leaning toward the red ones. They're beyond comfortable. And besides, the company slogan is, "Find adventure! Live for comfort!" Well crap, I love comfort. I feel like I should propose to the shoes. Too bad G.I. Joe's doesn't have the red ones in stock. Leave it to me to find a pair of shoes in someplace other than Medford.

So as I explain to my mom that khaki was probably the best choice since it can go with everything, she throws a curveball. "Well you know, everyone should have a red pair of shoes." Freakin' devil's advocate. Ugh, that's what I get with a mom who works with lawyers.

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  1. I'd buy them all. Thats just me. Yes everybody needs a pair of red shoes. Hmmm, apparently I need to go shoe shopping.