Monday, June 30

Passenger of the Week

So my dad had a gig to do in Boise this past Saturday, so instead of driving 7 hours both ways, he opted to fly. Ya, he's a pimp.

Well on his way back, instead of going Boise-SeaTac-Medford, he pitstopped in PDX.

His departure time was 750am, and as it crept closer he kept thinking, why aren't we boarding yet?

Then this voice comes over the PA system. "Will passenger Ryan Fields please come to desk...." Ah, crap.

"Are you ready to go? You're the only passenger."

So here's my dad in his own 34-passenger jet. He almost asked if there was another plane with a couch in the back so he could stretch out.

One of the kickers is that the stewardess still had to get on the PA system to do the safety briefing. I mean I realize the safety briefing, but the PA system...for one person? Okay then.

Another kicker was when they touched down into Medford, and you know how they always say..."Welcome to this place, the time is currently, the weather is blah blah, etc." Instead it was, "Welcome to Medford, Ryan." Hahahahaha...

Here's a picture of my dad's personal pilots. "Hey where's your hat?" "Shh, I left it at home."

And the ultimate kicker is that my dad scored a bottle of merlot for being "passenger of the week." I want to know is how you compete with that? Everywhere we go, 'hey, be nice to me, i was passenger of the week.'

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