Friday, June 6

Mission: New Spectacles

So after little deliberation, and successful inputting of paychecks, I've figured now is the time to get new glasses. Starting life as a "successful adult in the work force" (the quotes are cuz a.) it takes time, and b.) i still live with the rents so i'm not quite there yet), there's the need for a new image, a new feel,...well, a new me. :) I'm feeling quite pleased with my life-away-from-wookie-thus-trying-to-make-the-absolute-best-of-it mantra.


My dad and I made a trek to our local Costco, which happens to be about a mile and a half from our house...fabulous, and documented some of our findings. Feel free to comment which are "omg-noooo-so wrong!" or "eh, okay" or "love 'em." (Actually, please do comment. Thus the whole blog post with facial close-ups (excuse the hair, i just got off work and it was a lil lackluster. I'll post better pics of the new 'do when I can).

Round 1: Oscar de la Renta

Round 2: Prada (yes, I was chewing gum)

Round 3: Jill Stuart

Round 4: Georgio Armani (and I was talking here, yes, I know, great face)

Round 5: Geoffrey Beene

And FYI, all of these frame are a tortoise-shell of some sort.

And after what I felt was a pretty good trip for glasses (Walmart = huge bust!), and a conversation with wook about how I didn't like the way black frames looked on my pale ass skin, wook says he'd like to be the judge of that. grrr...

I should be used to this behavior. He's the king of changing plans, and for the most part I've done a damn good job at acclimating.

So long story short, this round is only "Phase 1" for new eyewear. I will have to drag my poor dad back to Costco to better sample (and photograph) the multiple of black frames in their collection.


  1. the only ones that didn't look uber goofy on your face were the prada ones!

  2. Oscar de la renta... too wide for your face.
    Armania is the early 2000 I'm a English nerd... so no
    Not a fan of the Jill Stuart...
    Thus it is a toss up between the Beene and Prada. The chewing gum didn't improve the pic that much but it is still a toss up. If you had to go black, obviously Prada. But I think black looks weird with your skin tone... so going with the Beene. Can you tell I don't want to study for finals since this is an incredibly long response to a question about glasses... hmmm... like the haircut by the way....