Friday, June 27

Vehicular Update... car is currently parked down the street...with a crumpled rear...still.

It was taken into the shop requested by the other insurance company. Right now we're playing a waiting game whether or not they wanna fix it or consider it totalled. While having the Cruiser back in one piece would ease my mind of choosing a flippin''s not exactly a likely possibility.

So for now I have a Saturn Aura. It's what was given to me. It's big compared to the Rio, but wook says that's what happens when I get into a real car.

And while bloggin' options won't be possible, just cuz ya never what will be on the lots, what colors, the test drives, the prices, etc., I'm determined to find something with:

-fabulous seats. My hiney's comfort is key.

-a decent color. No red, yellow, orange, "desert sand granny panties."

-A/C and power steering. Gotta upgrade a lil from my beloved Cruiser.

That's pretty much the basis to my hunt. I know it's not exactly scientific, but it works for me. Besides it's just a car. They die (or get murdered in the Cruiser's case), so it's not something to get too attached.

Bloop-bloop, eh; sun roof, not needed; stick, don't care. It's all about what's in my range, essentially. So hopefully the car gods will make this decision easy on me.

And boo about having to grow up and take out a loan to finance a car. Boo. Did I ask for my car to be annihilated while allowing children to cross the street? No! But at least my car died doing something she believed in - pedestrians in crosswalks.

So ya, interest rates, and credit scores, and monthly installment plans, and blah, blah, blah. Where's that sugar daddy I ordered? He should have been here months ago.

My goal is a month to find a new set of wheels. We'll see. Hopefully the clouds will part - *angels singing* - and make it easy on me.

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