Sunday, June 29

Vehicular Update #2

So I've currently been sportin' a Saturn Aura with hope of having a new one in my hot, lil hands.

Well this afternoon my dad and I went test driving. We only hit up a couple lots, but ended up taking out 5 cars. Our first salesman who took us out was pretty nice; kinda liked him. The second guy was a bandwagon Duck fan. Can you guess who we prefer, lol?

So my hope is to have something by the end of this week. Am I counting on it? No. Things happen; car's get sold, etc. But at least we're getting the ball rollin'.

And the first salesman we worked with was even willing to let us "borrow" a car for a weekend for a test drive in our own natural habitat (i.e. driving to the lake, etc.). "So what's the catch?" I asked. Nothing. Just a copy of my insurance paperwork. That's pretty cool.

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