Friday, June 20


So last night was actually a really good night for wook and I. We actually got to talk, for more than 5 minutes, with more than texts; and I loved it. Gosh, he's funny. The greatest. I hate when he makes me miss him because it's not like we can do anything about (but we're trying. Anyone know the rules on abandoning commission of an Officer and living in international waters? Anyone?).

Anyways, amidst our phone conversation, a random number pops up. Ugh, leave a message if it's important. "Hey wook, lemme check my voicemail. Standby for 30 seconds." Ohhhhh yaaaaa, the new spectacles are in at Costco. Dude, that was only a week. They're supposed to take two. Bitchin'.

So my plan is to go in after work and pick them up. Or maybe at lunch if I'm feeling ambitious. But then again, What Not To Wear is playing reruns at noon (how perfect is that lunch hour? (: ).

I also wanna go shop some more, but we'll see. I need to make up my mind on those shoes, check my financial situation (I have money, but I don't wanna spend a lot of my money, lol. Looking forward to that whole "moving out of the parents' house" situation.)

Plus, I've been hitting 11pm or Midnight this whole week (I blame Sarah and the need for bloggage), and so I'm quite pooped this week. I really should have thought about my future employment means when I was in college. I love jeans and t-shirts; definitely should have thought Forestry or Environmental Science. Dude, you're job is hiking...reeeal hard.

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