Wednesday, June 25

Tag this..

So as I answer Sarah's tag, I'm thinking of my own to spread around. Mine will be more fun. :) I hope, lol.

1.) Before "Marshall" (of How I Met Your Mother) made it big, he really was writing a Rock Opera based on Dracula (the key laugh factor in Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

2.) Christopher Walken was aboard the yacht the night Natalie Wood mysteriously died.

3.) As of June 1, 2008, China has begun charging consumers for plastic bags at grocery stores.

4.) A chocolate bar (donut) only has 155 calories, but half is fat!

5.) According to sexual practices studies, Med students are the most promiscuous; Theology and Philosophy the least.

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  1. Indeed, the name of the boat they were on was called the "Splendor", and they were filming a sci-fi movie together.