Friday, June 13

And the winner is...

So, after debating how I'll reveal the winning only real answer is just to blurt it. After all, I think blurting is the truest form of revealing information. "I'm pregnant." "I love you." "Dump him." "Vodka tonic, with lemon."

Congrats to Kerby for accurately voting for the winning pair as her #1 choice.

And to further talk up the winning pair before I reveal their designer (and stall before I reveal so Sarah can squirm some more in her chair): The choice was made based on a.) they look good on, b.) the style is a bit more modern than my usual boring self, and c.) they remind me of a certain someone's glasses.

The key trait in this glasses, besides having a black exterior, is their shocking lime green interior.

(Yes, Sarah, I said lime green).

So the winning glasses are the Jill Stuart's from Round 2. I'm planning on a photo shoot when I receive them, in about 2 weeks. So stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. damn, I was close though. J. Stuart was my number two!!!!!