Wednesday, June 10

Christmas in June!

After being a snarky redhead yesterday (which I realize is totally redundant but I went ahead and emailed the yoga mat company asking where a tracking number was since I never got a follow-up email), guess what showed up?  

100% Chi-Centering Hippie Love.

O...M...G...she's gorgeous.  And heavier than B-Rox at birth (which isn't hard since I think a bowl of rice weighed more than that little guy).  Oi vei.  But it's here.  Yay.

The box got slightly "man handled," said like Owen Wilson's character in NATM.

And proof that it's a good thing I went with the 3 or 4 votes for the 75"-er.

Just don't make fun of my Asian TopKnot for a hairstyle.  I was literally dressed and ready to head over to the gym (for some biking, after I bashed the living daylights out of my knee this morning), went out to check the mail...and it was on my doorstep.  It's the second time they've not knocked and just left things there.  Maybe the guy who brought my phone put out an APB about being mauled by a redhead for delivering a phone (I was excited, people!).

Okay, but seriously, now that I played with my new toy like it's Christmas morning, I've already shoved it in the corner and am heading to the gym.

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