Monday, June 29

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Well with the recent development of working on my feet, practically all day long, I've felt it direly (sp?) necessary to invest in shoes that won't terrorize and plague my heels or pinkie toes.

The latest on rotation have been my khaki Reports, my teal Clarks, a brown gladiator sandal (which totally was a Ross purchase for $12 for a college toga party, but for some reason they are really comfy so I still wear them), and champagne-esque Bandolino kitten heels (which haven't been worn since I worked a 12 hour day - let's just say my feet were screaming by the time I got to the Yeep). Sadly my 3-inch Nine Wests (bought for a stellar $30 at Ross) don't make the cut.

So that's 4 shoes for a 5 day work week, depending on what I wear.

During the "Michael Jackson is Dead??!?!" shopping experience, I stumbled across these guys (the red was the best color). Yes, they look nursing home-ish. But, they're comfy. And they're a stomach-able price of $40. A good $10 under my standard $50 price tag for comfort.

Now here's the debate (which is sad that I have to take it to my blog, but whatever).

I found these brown guys at Dillard's tonight while out looking for more work clothes (which was psuedo-successful at NY&Co - a couple capris, and an "OOOOO" orange lightweight scarf). They're Borns. With a Born pricetag. Not as elderly as the red ones. Cuter in the brown than the black. Unbelievably comfortable. As my dad said, "like clouds on your feet." He's not joking. The catch: that price tag. $70. A full $20 over my comfort zone.

So the debate. And where I'm leaning. The Borns are divine. Already broken in by someone with a fatty foot so they're stretched out in the heel ready for an 8- to 9- to 10-hour workday. But they are a bit more than I wanted to spend. But this would be the go-to shoe for when I'm working till 8 and 9pm, constantly on my feet, movin' and shakin'.

The reds are cute. And under my price tag. But they're definitely nothing more than a wear-with-pants shoe. No skirt could ever be pulled off with this unless it's white and you're passing out pills to the crazies. But they're red. And red's fun. Spunky. And they're only $40.

I'll be sleeping on this decision. Ultimately I could keep the red or return the red. Maybe I'll have a self-fashion show tomorrow evening while I prance around in both shoes determining which one gets the Project Runway "Auf Weidersehen." But input (which lately I've been typing "imput") is appreciated and will be considered in the thoughtful weighing process.

Here's to wishing my self luck: GOOD LUCK SELF!!

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