Sunday, June 21

Half My Gene Pool, One Great Man

Even though I'm currently 3,000 miles away from my dear ol' Dad, there's not a day where I don't reference him and his "stern" disciplining ways, or the way that he negotiates deals out with my sisters when they do stupid stuff, or how he'll rub in the fact that he went to In N Out, or Woodstock's, or McMenamin's the other day (with photographic proof, none-the-less).

That man's done alot. He joined the Nutcracker cast with me when I danced in it (he was Fritz and Clara's father - and awesome!). We made that last ditch effort to In N Out before I jumped 3 time zones. He stalks every flight, making sure I arrive on time and can find my way to my next gate (or a bar if I'm delayed). He's come get me when I ran out of gas in Medford as a Sophomore (hehe, woops). And then again as a Junior (to defend myself, the vehicle I drove didn't have a gas gauge). He's made French Toast Sunday for as long as I can remember.

I even ran Hood 2 Coast with him one summer. Haha, bad choice. While it was a fun bonding experience. My feet definitely didn't like that punishment. Next time, less miles.

But on that note, we'll definitely run a Half when you (Dad) get your knee fixed.

He's a good man. My sisters and I are lucky that we have a dad who will tailgate Beaver games with style (i.e. he'll let you take a few jello shots before you're rightfully 21). He'll reward the family each new season with new Beaver gear. He'll disapprove when grades are a little lackluster, but if you bring him to a Halloween party during Dad's Weekend he'll laugh so hard at the Mormon costumes (I swear, I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel).

And my dad is even up on the techno-times. He is a regular texter, which is great for when we're (the sisters and I) too busy or preoccupied with having a phone conversation, yet we can still yack at him about the Gay Parade in town (no, really, last night, gay dudes, in tight biker wear. And like 50. It was hysterical. Then he threw in a reference about a Man Date. I lost it.)

My dad even reads my blog. How awesome is that. Hi Dad!

And so I present a Tribute to the Sheriff. The bearer of half the gene pool (the good - the height, the bad - the eyeballs are so big, the ugly - I flail when I walk. Watch out!!)

Have a beverage, Dad. You're looking dehydrated. Mmmmm, mimosas.

Dad, no really, you look thirsty.

People are agreeing with me.

Look at that face, you need a beverage.

Come on, just one. Maybe two. It'll make your day better. I promise. Trust me. :)

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you and miss you. I'll call you later today. Enjoy your Mellelo's (coffee), sitting on the couch, in your grey sweats and blue sweatshirt, and ball cap, reading the paper and yelling at CrackHead (my mom's cat).

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