Saturday, June 27

Meow or Not to Meow?

I've been giving the cat issue a lot of thought lately since I've rejoined the work force.

Do I have the time now to devote to a meow-er?

This morning is the perfect example. I'm hanging out downstairs, playing online, blogging, Facebook-ing, and miss the entertainment a gato brings to the equation.

But then I think about the long hours that can be had at my job. Not like brain surgery long hours, because those are scheduled. I'm talking the unannounced extra hours I might have.

Would the little thing feel neglected if I weren't around to cuddle with him?

I'm not about to become a Stay At Home Cat Owner just because the thing might have separation anxiety. I would like a Californian temperament. You know what I'm talking about. Okay, well maybe not, but I'll explain. Just think washed-up surfer..."Woah, dude, hey, what's up? Wanna play? Okay, that's cool, I'll just lick my butt. Just lemme know when food is, alright? And if you wanna scratch my tummy." (Get it?) An independent creature who also loves his cuddle time.

And can I handle a kitten?

A kitten is not my first choice. I'd prefer something out of the kitten phase. Something micro-chipped, fixed, UTD on shots, the whole gammit. But after doing research for the area on all the rescue groups, shelters, and humane societies, they all require proof of a pet deposit.

So I'm thinking I'll either come across a litter in a box outside a grocery store, or someone will know someone with a found abandoned litter, or something like that - a connection made, the stars align, something that points out to me that 'yes, you were meant to be a pet owner.'

Let's see if things progress.


  1. I say, YES YES YES!! you should get a kitty. I found a little stray gray one by our pool yesterday...maybe I could ship it to you? haha.

  2. The Sheriff says... stay away from the orange ones. As we well know they are frequently brain damaged. Ha Ha.