Sunday, June 14

Just a Taste of My Plunder

With my ongoing efforts in rejoining the work force, I've added to my collection of chic corporate clothes. Thank goodness that the recession has created some great prices for my bank account.

From New York & Co. (which I've never shopped at, but am now a fan):

A cute pair of of skinny capris that'll go great for any casual business venture.

A great pair of slight pin-striped pants that fit my lengthy legs with heels.

And from the great store of JC Penney (which surprisingly I love their selection of modern, 20s to 30s fashionable workwear):

A white pair of linen pants. Not necessarily for work, but more for nights at Havana.

I love this jacket. Retail $60, recession priced $20-something. One chic safari jacket.

And Express (another great store for my generation with great modern workwear):

A fierce pencil skirt in black. High-waisted and at my knees, even at my height.

And twist my arm, I'll get it in khaki also. These were the biggest splurges at $42/ea.

I couldn't find the 4 camisoles, 3 blouses, another jacket, a yoga warm-up, and other things that were picked up on my slight shopping spree. But these were some a-ma-zing prices that allowed me to save as much as I spent.

And you'll know where to find me next: Express and NY&Co. :)


  1. Express is the store of my people

  2. Fabulous shopping spree, I love express! Did you find a job out there?