Tuesday, June 30

Reunion: Smurfette Edition

My dad was the Bearer of Great News. My car's delivery date would be tomorrow.

Everybody now...WOOHOOO!!!

So to finalize things, I had to get a Cashier's check for the rest of the amount, scope out a location (preferably close to work), and arrange to take my lunch break early.

The Cashier's check was the worst part as the girl working the printer went through 3 checks before 1 printed properly. It look longer for me to stand at the counter than I did in line. But I got back to work with 3 minutes to spare. Great. Enough time for a Butterfingers for lunch.

I've relayed to my dad (who's handling things with the driver) that there's a vacant Box Store nearby with a huge parking lot. One with the capabilities of letting a Big Rig navigate. Check.

And I'll use my lunch break tomorrow morning as my time frame to run, slow motion, through a field of daisies, into a sweet embrace with my dear, electric blue car. Aww....true love.

Who's excited? This girl right here. It'll literally be Christmas in July.

So tomorrow morning will be like trying to go to sleep on Christmas Eve. I'll be sitting on my phone waiting for that one call. So don't text me tomorrow, otherwise my heart will flitter. But now that I mentioned it, you people will totally text me tomorrow. Make my spirits rise. Then I'll see it's just from you. So I won't bother. Just kidding. But seriously. I'm excited!! Who's ready for Gymkana?!?!?!

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  1. The Sheriff says.... everyone better look out, the Oregon version of Tokyo Drift is about to debut on Virginia Beach.