Tuesday, June 30

Gender Differences

It's no surprise guys and dolls are 2 different slices in the cohabitating pie.

I'm asking wook last night what time he needs to be up to study for this big test this morning. He says 5am, just because he wants ample time to go over his notes and prepare. Okay, respectable.

When I tell him I'll be clocking in just 15 minutes later, he asked, "woman, why?"

Honestly, it takes me 2 hours to get ready in the morning. An hour and a half just doesn't work.

I wake up. Stumble down the stairs, groggily. Shove my face in the Cheerio trough. Check my email/blog (which I realize isn't everybody's focus, but a creative release in the morning does the body good). And hop in the shower, which could be 10+ minutes.

Then there's the hair to do. And luckily mine's on the shorter equation which still respects a good 15-20 minutes to do (including blowdrying). Then there's makeup, which again is only like 10 minutes. But sometimes you need a cool-down outside the bathroom cuz it can get toasty.

And then I have to play the game of, "what do wear this morning?" Not my favorite game, honestly. I'd rather have to wear a uniform sometimes like boarding school. But I can't. So I put together my best ensemble for the day and work it.

And you can't forget I have to pack a lunch. And snacks. I get hungry and I need to eat. Otherwise I can become a raging pain without food. That'll just teach you to not not feed me.

Then there's the sometimes game of, "Now where are my keys/phone?"

So that's my morning, in a blog(nut)shell. 2 hours spent prepping and lounging, because it's no fun to up and rush around in the morning like a chicken w/o a head.

Wook maintains it's all unnecessary. He can be out the door in 15 minutes. Most of that time is the daily shave. But he's a boy. Who wears a uniform everyday. He's exempt from this study.

I could be out the door in under an hour. But I'd be cranky, groggy, irritated, etc. I wouldn't eat. I wouldn't have a lunch. My clothes would be wrinkly. I'd lose my phone or keys without the mando-search. There'd still be laundry in the dryer. My blog would remain an e-wasteland (hint hint, Hay). Therefore I take time for myself to better my day. Besides, a cranky redhead is not a happy sight. Or reading.

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