Saturday, June 20

Where Have I Been?

Goodness, I don't remember...but the poor blog has certainly been quiet. I'm sorry.

So let's see.

What kind of excitement has happened in the great land of Norfolk.

1.) I saw a firefly last Saturday, during our walk home from Bardo (a wine bar). I was kinda freaking out. I've never seen one before. A flying lightbulb. What next?

2.) There was the great 'almost running the Yeep out of gas' incident. Hahaha.

3.) I made a ham and asparagus strata which needed some jazzing up.

4.) Wook got a 101% on a test (class average was 99%) - gotta love bonus questions.

5.) Caught on DC (Deadliest Catch), minus for this past Tuesday's episode. How can you not love Captain John? Even wook's on board with thinking the Time Bandit guys are awesomely salty.

Oh, and one more thing, my recent employment has reduced the hours that I've been able to dedicate towards my skilled and entertaining creative force. It'll be better once I get into the swing of things in balancing a great new job, my work out schedule of Core classes and yoga, and my dedication to blogging and the stalkeratzis. Just know that I haven't forgotten about you.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Deadliest Catch! Time Bandit is the ONLY boat I would suffer on. Gotta love those Hilstrands. :)