Saturday, July 25

The Future Mrs. Brad Paisley 2.0

We just got back from one great time spent out on the lawn of the Amphitheatre.

2 opening acts (some guy, and that Dierks dude) before my love graced the stage.

It was awesome. I had a great time. Enjoyed a single, tasty beverage. Sang my heart out to my favorites. Glared at the stupid people who were overly intoxicated/fighting with each other/getting broken up with/copulating/annoying the crap out of us.

I only took my phone in because I didn't want to be held up in by the "Bag Check" line, so I'll get the video I took on my phone uploaded tomorrow...hopefully. We'll see. Considering there's still Wetting Down pictures to post. (But really, all you need to know about that was 1.) open bar, 2.) prepped liver, 3.) rowdy times, 4.) boys running into the ocean in just boxers because they wanted to hold the literal translation of a Wetting Down. That's cool, I'll take pictures.

But for now, it's late, I'm pooped, and pajamas call. Comfy fleece ones. Good night.

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