Tuesday, July 7

Let's Call Him "Kevin"

I have a new fan. And I have a new friend. His name is Kevin. He works at Macy's.

He's now my "shoe guy."

This evening, right after work, I headed in the direction of home but was hoping for some of the Power Of Macy's in building a shoe wardrobe. Honestly, I wasn't completely sold on the 2 pairs that made blog (head)lines last week, so I thought I'd try Macy's since they rarely let me down.

Well did they deliver? Yes.
I'm happy to say that I adopted 2 pairs of Clarks this evening (a company that does my wallet and feet oh-so-right). The first pair I got in black (I know I said I was getting out of the black phase, but unfortunately I still have some very cute black-ness clothes that just don't go with brown shoes...that being said, and they looked better in black than brown) for a comfy $50.

This other pair took a bit more convincing. And I got them in the brown that's shown. My concern was the fact that it's a heel. And I've been adament in getting flats since my feet have been taking a beating lately. That and my "flats" pants might be too short. But with a price tag of $25, and the extreme comfort of Clarks, I was swayed. But mostly the comfort.

And I did walk away with a pair of weekend sandals also, but no pics on those. Sorry.

It might take me a couple of days though to go to work in. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have this tendency of leaving tags on clothes for the first half a dozen wears just incase there's something I don't like about it, so I'll return it. Shoes are a different story sadly.

So instead I wear them around the house doing meaningless chores. Yay 1950s.

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