Friday, July 10

There Is A Pulse

I'm here. Never fear. I'm in gear. For the weekend.

I've thrown a load of dishes into the washer. Nursed a Coke Cherry Zero. Eaten the leftover popcorn from our outing to see Public Enemies (on Tuesday - yes, it's a few days old). Ate some of wook's cashews (shh, don't tell).

There's still a boat load of laundry to be done. I sniff-tested a shirt this morning, it smelt awful, but I still wore it because it's all I could find that would make a Casual Friday outfit. Sad, I know. But these early wake-up days don't center my chi enough.

Wook's at the Toby Keith concert, till whenever that ends.

I'll be enjoying an adult beverage later, once the mud mask has dried, the pajamas have been put on, the bed prepped for my sprawling, and the last disc of Season 1 of Mad Men has been started (I love the saucy redhead - but seriously, why wouldn't I?).

I call it a very successful evening. One of relaxation. One of "I'm home alone!"

I've debated just running over to CPK for some dinner. But then I realize that I haven't had French Toast in forever. In fact, I was complaining about wanting it in DC (yes, I know, those posts hopefully will surface tomorrow - I've been a little preoccupied with being awesome - but they still remain a priority, rest assure).

But I did learn something awesome this week: I work with a couple Office fans. :D

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