Thursday, July 16

Norfolk's Costco, A Lesson in Preparation

Between comments from both coasts, all shapes, sizes, and language (okay, just English, but wouldn't it be cool to have comments in more than just English, or Engrish), I've now learned that only my dismal little Costco is not the awesomeness that everyone else gets to encounter. Talk about the grinding in of a spiny Kirkland Signature stilleto into my pasty back.

But I have plans for next time.

Hit a bar up for a drink before hand. I never have any cares after a cocktail.

But then I never have any responsibilities after 2 cocktails.

...then I never have enunciation after 3 cocktails.

...need we continue?

Both Mommy McD and Ms. Olympia (which I shall call you, which totally makes you sound like a Beauty Queen - do you have a tiara, a sash, and some white gloves? And can you do the wave?), I'm jealous. You get Costco-paid boxers. I get...well...a rise in blood pressure, a fidgeting habit, wook's ears to bleed after I berate the subject for longer than I should, etc. Boo.

1 comment:

  1. Ms Olympia eh? I like it. Suits me juuuuuust fine.

    And yes, I have a tiara. It sparkles and constantly distracts me when I walk by shinny windows and mirrors. Life is tough.