Thursday, July 2

Ms. Grumpy Pants

I'm up for the 3rd morning in a row at 5am. I'm not happy about this.

It's not so much focusing on the time of the day that my alarm does its evil dance to wake me out of a perfectly good slumber, it's that I woke up today with the right side of my throat aching.

I know, great. Perfect timing.

So I've implemented a half-ass man hunt for the elusive Elderberry extract. It's this goopy, berry tasting stuff which originally hails from the biblical parts of the world (excuse me for my lack of geographical insight, but it's somewhere near Israel, or something - whatever, I never claimed to be a geo-expert), was even mentioned in the old texts, and has a pretty good cure-all. (Some also claim it's a placebo, but either way...I want the right half of my throat to quit aching.)

I know there's a half bottle around here somewhere, with a gunky lid, but I just can't remember where. Between lacking space for organization and my Tornado-like tendencies throughout the week, I don't remember where I last saw it. I have one more space to look, but then it's back to ripping apart the place re-searching every place I've already been over. Ugh.

So if my parents could be so kind (and since you can't find that hippie of stuff on this side of the country - darn yuppies), please ship a case out. Okay, maybe not a case, but a couple bottles from the good ol' Fred Of Meyer (or just Fred Meyer, if you're not that fancy). Please. Thanks.

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