Wednesday, July 15

While I'm On The Ranting Wave

Dear Loft Ghost,

I do not find it funny that when I "delay" the dishwasher 2 hours so it'll run when wook and I aren't somehow make it not run during the day. Whether you open the door ever so slightly to disengage it, you need to stop. I need clean dishes and utensils.

When I get home from Costco, I'd like to put away the dishes before the onslaught of tonight's dinner clogs the sink up. But noooooo, let's f*** with Ashley's chi. Because you know that putting away the dishes really grinds my gears, let's just make this the Maraschino cherry (go Oregon State - invented there, if you didn't know) on the sundae.

It's one thing for when the dishwashers at work take forever. Those are work dishes, and those can always wait. But when it comes to my own kitchen, I'd like things done now. Not 5 minutes from now. Not a full cycle from now. But now. Unless, of course, I set a delay on the washer so I don't have to hear the unexciting noise of responsibility rumble from beneath the counter.

So while the dishwasher gets off its duff and actually does something for once, I'll be hitting up the market on the corner for the rest of my groceries (i.e. greenleaf, lunch meat, eggs, beer...and the trashbags which were on the list for Costco but never made it into the cart. Woops.).

And I'll continue finding fish scales attached to my skin throughout the night (I made 5 filets out of 1 big one since this household only has 1 Salmon Lover). Oh joy.

I should probably sign off now.

Umm, Rightfully,


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