Friday, July 31

Morning To You

Notice I strictly said "Morning." Not "good morning." I was up at 5am. That's not a "good," that's a "I-have-things-to-do-this-early-in-the-AM" morning. As my dad would yell at Hay Buggy (and maybe still does), "GET VERTICAL!"

But first, you know, I have to stalk the blogs. Have some toast (we're out of milk, I know!, ring the alarms for a Code Red anti-Cheerio morning). Peruse looking for "tall" button-down shirts that actually fit my monkey arms and can stay tucked in all day. Wish me luck on that one.

But the shower does call. And at least coffee's made.

Now if only I didn't wake up multiple times last night "ensuring" that I didn't miss my alarm, which instead put me into a silent panic that I would miss my alarm.

So ya, TGIF.

And someone just screamed outside like a moron. Hey buddy, it's 5am. Let a girl blog in peace, will ya!? Oh, and some people are trying to sleep. But I don't care, wake them up too. Only I'm allowed to be a princess and sleep in on the world. Haven't you learned anything from the Redheads Are A Dying Breed And Should Be Treated With Royalty handbook? Apparently not. And you probably don't have a trust fund.

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