Wednesday, July 22

Technology And Its Rules

Dear Alarm Clock,

Thanks so much for letting me sleep in that extra 20 minutes. I'm still not sure whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. But for now, it's just a thing.

It was nice to sit in that half-conscious realm between sleep and fully awake. So thankfully it wasn't that difficult to crawl myself out of bed and down the stairs to a heaping bowl of Cheerios.

My only complaint being I didn't get to enjoy my cup of coffee while perusing my blogs this morning. You know, that's one thing I love about the morning. The 5-10-15 minutes that I dream that it's only the weekend and there's not a car to walk to, a job to drive to, a desk to sit at, etc....where I just enjoy blogger's frenzies, ask wook what we wants for breakfast, and then ask if there's more Mad Men to watch (we're about halfway through Season 2, so we're getting caught up since we're Late Watchers in the movement).

Plus, my shower was cut shorter than usual, which is something that Mother Nature and I can learn to enjoy (saves water, yay...saves money, yay...saves me from sitting down in the shower, nope! Thought you had me, eh?).

I'll probably still hit up the post-lunch cup of coffee (which was Thermos'd to work today), but brings me down from the usual 3 I indulge. Yes, 3 cups of coffee. A girl's gotta bring some energy to the workplace with being on my feet most of the day, and all.

But yes, maybe it was a good thing letting me sleep in that extra amount. After all, I still was able to get ready in the full capacity. Maybe we'll try this intentionally tomorrow.

We'll see.

But until then, let's keep the communication open.

Thanks Mr. Alarm Clock. Have a good rest of the day.


Mrs. Wookie

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