Saturday, February 27

A Day To Myself: A Pair of Jeans and a Wife-Beater Tank

This time, I'm roommate-less and content. I'm kinda surprised. Usually I put up a little stink about having to feed myself/entertain myself/clean up after myself. But this time, I was going to make the best of it.

I woke up this morning with 3 minutes before my alarm went off. Why'd I set an alarm? I had things to do today. And that was before I knew I was going to be blown off by co-workers because they have sick children. Pssssh, what kind of parents are they??

But first, last night. I rolled into town past 9:30pm, and was praying for a parking spot. Somehow, the parking gods were totally with me.

I got off work at 5:01pm, and because of the turn of events for the day, was invited down to the Club to meet 'n greet the owner. Little did I know I'd be sitting with a one-of-a-kind woman who knew everyone, knew how to entertain, and knew how to connect people. I spent over 4 hours chatting with a small group of people, who any other time would never get to meet, but because I decided to take up the offer of a glass of wine with this woman, I'd be connecting with so many people. Needless to say, a fantastic 4 hours. I can't wait until next Friday as I'll go back and see how else I can be wow'd.

But today was going to be a good day. It was the inaugural Sustainable Living Fair in Downtown Norfolk. And I was excited.

And it didn't let me down too much. Except for this one guy. He continued to talk me into a corner about how the City should care about the environment of the children for their sake. He didn't like the way the City did business. And he demanded change. Umm, well buddy, if you don't like, why don't you move? And to tell him I was from Oregon, the Land of Yurts, Nancy's Yogurt, and Yogi Tea, had no bearing to him. It was like saying I liked to clip my toenails. No change. Whatever, buddy.

I talked composting. I talked vermiculture. I talked laundry detergents. I talked coffee snobbery. I talked how giving out flyers at a Hippie Fair is the most anti-hippie concept ever. That last one, they didn't get. Go figure.

And as much as the 30% off the entire store of Eddie Bauer, because of their 90th anniversary, was appealing...not a damn thing worked for me. Yes, pouty face.

But I've moved on. As y'all know, this July, the Ging & Family is galavanting off to England for 2 weeks, and I'm going to need a great pair of shoes for this trek. I made mention of the neglect that my Chaco's have received since being on this Coast, and the Sheriff didn't think sandals would be enough for this trip. So until then, I'll be my heart out until I find the perfect ergonomic shoe for this summer's travel.

And now I'm at home, waiting for my dinner to finish, taking a hiatus from attacking the laundry piles that exist on the bedroom floor. I'm also desperate for a dresser, but will instead be sorting through my clothes on the continual binge until my clothes fit into the 2 small, clear "set of drawers" a la Walmart (picked up last year, after my arrival). I guess it's enough to say that my motivation towards the Simplicity Movement has returned. Darn me and my never-ending hippie ways. But yes, you will find a razor in my shower. This hippie doesn't go without personal hygiene, thank you.

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