Monday, February 22

Thank Goodness I Grew Up Baptist

I fail at this only-for-Lent Catholic business. So many rules, so little time frame to actually apply them.

I was on board to give up my clothes dryer for Lent. Some people give up iPods (lame), some give up alcohol (not as lame as an iPod, but chance to agree to that one), I figured I'd at least go hippie and give up the huge drain on electricity. But then I failed to notice the giant heap of dirty clothes that was hidden beneath the bathroom sink and in the closet. In their respective clothes hampers/boxes, people. So that shit lasted for...umm...about 6 days and some change.

Some wanna-be Catholic I am.

So while I've only started on my first load of laundry, the whole no-using-the-dryer-for-Lent is out the window. Good thing the window isn't judging.

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