Wednesday, February 24

Oh, Beautiful...Sucky...Morning

First I wake up at 4:something by flailing in the middle of the night and knocking my phone off the side table. Then I proceed to wake up at 5:00am and 5:30am, until my alarm allows me the justification to get up at 6:00am.

So my sleep has been trumpled upon by big, wallowy sleep-deprived elephants. Superb.

Then I stroll downstairs, load up a bowl of Cheerios, but then smell the milk.

"Umm, Wook, is this still good?"

Sniff. Sniff-sniff. Sniiiiiiiiff. "Nope."

Shit. What the hell do I make for breakfast now?

Yes, we have eggs, and bacon, and pancakes, and everything that could constitute a nice weekend breakfast. But on a work day, I only allot time to eat cereal. Not to flip omelets with shrooms, peppers, olives, and cheese.

And now I'm here blogging about it, eating up more of my morning time. So while I should be getting out of the shower now and working on my hairs, instead I'm continuing my bitch-train this morning about how I couldn't have my Gold Standard and had to make oatmeal instead.

Hopefully I can get to the grocery store this evening, after my hairdid appt, but before Zumba to rectify this situation. I can't wait to see how else today will not go my way. Yay me.

Maybe getting shit on by a newborn isn't such a bad thing after all.

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  1. I actually cried when my alarm went off this morning. Boo five am. and boo sinus infections.