Tuesday, February 23

Words From The Sheriff: The Sheriff's Fireside Chats

"Not my 1st rodeo, folks. But all you greenhorns out there be careful with babies going commando." - Sheriff

Only my dad can mix parenting advice to sound like it's Mike Rowe voicing over Deadliest Catch. But let's not go there. That's still a sore subject in our family. Then again, thank goodness it wasn't my Time Bandit boys. Or the Hansens for Mommy McD's sake.

So yes, the Sheriff is a professional in the children category. What quantifies a "professional?" Well, he survived raising 1 boy (Brother) and 3 girls (this blogger, Middle Sister, and Baby Sister) through commando, diapers, sports, high school, and almost all of us through college. No suspensions, no fights, no graffiti, or dropping out. Just a fair share of sports, music recitals, and Nutcracker performances.

And let's not forget the Mama Ging. The woman packed a mean lunch. All the way until I graduated high school. Tried to teach me how to drive a manual transmission (but all I did was make Middle Sister and Baby Sister cry for their lives in the backseat). Don't worry, that issue has been rectified as I'm the proud owner of a stick-shift. And did my laundry too. Till I moved out to college. Now you know why my transition to adulthood has suffered. It's called "Awesome Parents Syndrome."

Check it.

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