Tuesday, August 10

Not to say we haven't been busy.

With our last date on this coast rapidly approaching, we're ramping up to get the heck outta town by packing everything up.  And since I'm so anal, I've made lists of what's traveling in my front seat, what's going to Goodwill, what's good enough for consignment shops, and how much food is not in our fridge. :(

So yes, other milbloggers, we're moving ourselves.

For non-milbloggers, you have the option to move yourself or have the government do it for you (you are compensated for taking on the task yourself).  People do both, depending on their past experiences (some despise moving their own things, saying it's not worth the effort...while others swear to not have the moving companies break/lose their stuff).

Wook's been moved from both Oregon and Florida by the government, so this time we're breaking off tradition.  He asked if I was up for it, and since I'm no longer a working member of society...I said, "why not?"  So it's on like Donkey Kong!

We started yesterday taking down all the pictures, and starting to pile things together in similar categories.  The laundry's been tackled, drawers cleared out, and vodka continually reducing.

I'll be honest.  It started to look very sad once everything was off the walls.  We're actually doing this.  We're leaving.  But as Mr. Wookie reminded me, I still feel that I'm just occupying a little bit of his closet space in this place.  Our move out West will allow us to start something together.

We started listening to old seasons of The Office to motivate us, but every few hours or so we'd have to stop and watch a whole episode for nostalgia.  Packing is mind-numbing.  When's the last time we used this?  We don't really need this do we?  Our hallway is all Goodwill.  Obviously more pictures will have to be taken.

That and I started this book in hopes of finishing it before we head West since it's actually Mommy McD's.  So far, so good, and about 100 pages left.  So wish me luck.  I seem to moving through books lately.  Must mean that I'm getting incredibly bored not working!  Come on California!  I need more than pretending to be a housewife.

But what should land on our doorstep not 10 minutes after I checked.  And yes, that's a machete I'm using to "open" the box.  Doesn't everyone have a machete?

Why it's a care package from the Sheriff!

It just so happens to be a mini Beaver cooler.  Go Beavs!  This will go perfectly on our trek across as we plan on "acquiring" ice from hotel ice machines to keep snacks cold on our drive.  My plan is to have healthy snacks at our disposal to avoid the junk food that most gas stations have.  And by packing lunches, we avoid the higher cost of sit-down meals in restaurants.  So here's to our health!  Thanks Sheriff!

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  1. The Sheriff wants the Ging and the Wook to eat healthy on the way out west. Denada.