Friday, August 20

MilSpouse Fill-In Friday #9 (from Kingman, AZ)

So I swear these Fridays are ganging up on me...but whatever.  Here's Wife of a Sailor's Friday Fill-Ins for those who want to link up!  Join us!

And a secret, I totally woke up at 5am and can't go back to sleep.  It's my first day back in the Pacific Time Zone and I feel the energy to be up.  Okay, okay, it's totally because my body thinks it's still on Mountain Time...but I like to twist reasoning when available.

If you could be a fugitive from the law for whatever reason, what would your crime be?

Well...greywater is technically illegal in Oregon. :)  How's that, Thelma??

Greywater is domestic wastewater from everything except toilets.  In Arizona, you can collect the excess water (from washing your hands, doing the laundry, etc.) and re-direct it to your garden outside.  There are limits on the time frame the water can sit (i.e. mosquito prevention), and there can't be any human waste contact (this is referred to as black water).  But this is a way to keep your energy bills low while recycling water efforts.  

So what if my vegetables get a little run-off from Tom's of Maine mouth wash...don't worry it's made from corn and birch trees.  Maybe they'll get the inspiration.

How long do you think you will be a military family?

This is still TBD.  Mr. Wookie's initial commitment is longer due to the air platform.  So by the time he's up for getting out, he may or may not.  We'll do the analyzing of the current economy, joint needs/desires, and assess from there.  He's not opposed to "careering" it.  But it's got to be worth it.  And hopefully there's an OCONUS to Scotland in there for us sometime. :D

What's your favorite recipe?

Can I be honest?  Technically eating yogurt and granola is a recipe.  It's breakfast.

Throw some fresh blueberries, mini chocolate chips, some honey or almond butter, and some sliced strawberries.  It's heaven.  Too bad I ran out of greek yogurt and fruit in North Carolina.  Blasts!

What would you want your last five words to be when you leave this life?

A Ging is worth it.

Where do you hope to retire?

In the mountains of Oregon.  With a cabin.  And a stream nearby.  Where even the Sheriff's Department is too lazy to check for my fishing license.  And greywater maintains my garden.  And enough sun to salutate my morning coffee.  And wifi.  Got to have the wifi.


  1. Sometimes we think too much along the same lines...

  2. Mmm... I have some greek yogurt, now I just need some granola and fruit...

  3. Oh Sespi, now you make me hunger!!!

    And McD, yes, I think we're the same person just separated by height, husbands, and offspring.

  4. We moved into a house in OK that is in the country so we have a septic system but the kitchen and my laundry room are on a gray water line. I had never heard of that before I moved here.

    I love the place you described in the last question. How nice :)