Monday, August 16

On the road...again...(California, here we come)...

So it's Monday...again...oi...which means we're back in the driving saddle on our never-ending journey to the Left Coast.  Man, I used to be so excited for this experience.  Then my ass cheeks when numb, then my brain went numb, then my forearms when stiff with the constant clutching of the steering wheel since I hate driving long distances in the first place.  All in all, this is a magical time.  And by magical, I mean that I think I should have bought stock in Red Bull before I left.

I didn't wander around our empty apartment before we left, since I didn't feel like crying over a freakin' empty apartment.  I think I'll always be attached to that place.  Since it's the first place that Mr. Wookie and I got into the cohabitative regime.  But people keep telling us we're on to bigger and better things.  I (hopefully) agree.

Umm, Sheriff, totally not a safety hazard.  I can see...sometimes.

And I never did blog about this little guy, but this little turtle was found by Mr. Wookie in the middle of the road on his walk back from breakfast one morning.  He was tucked into his shell, perhaps born the night before, but on the brink of death or dismemberment via vehicle if "Wookie Nightengale" hadn't acted.  Well he's now known as "SpeedBump" and will be inherited by Wook's sister on our way across California.  Yay.  And he looks menacing in the picture, but he's in one of my plastic shoe boxes and measures just a little over an inch.  He's a small guy.

I will say that moving out of an urban apartment environment is not easy.  Not only were we paranoid that Crazies would take off with our stuff, but we were on the edge of a "NO PARKING" sign.  But thankfully the City of Norfolk didn't write us tickets.

New purchase ala Costco.

New audio book purchase ala Barnes & Noble.

And we're off...

Goodbye Norfolk!

Long story: I was up at 3:41am on Friday.  I slept like crap.  On the floor (remember the bed was packed).  And I was so anxious about getting moving, I didn't eat until after 3pm.  And it was only this thing...

So sometime past 5pm, we opted for a quick dinner.

And yes, I realize that this is NOT healthy.  But I was dying.  And Taco Smell is so good.  And I hadn't had it in MONTHS.  And I needed caffeine.  Because apparently not eating all day, mixed with extreme exhaustion, topped with driving 7 hours is a recipe for a Taco Bell dinner. :D

But here's where life failed me.  This drink...SUCKS.  Pla-Ce-Bo!  Fake!  I waited over an hour to feel "something."  What I felt was the need for a Red Bull.  So while loads of vitamins can keep some people awake and aware, this Ging needs caffeine.  In the form of a light blue, sugar-free can with 114 mg worth of substance.  Thanks.

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  1. just read the synopsis for that book. I want to read!!! OOOOH Spooky - as the boys would say. let me know how it is