Thursday, August 12

Our bags are packed, we're ready to go...

I'm taking a brief hiatus from the moving and shaking around Wookie & Co to let you in on our day.  It's naturally warm on this coast, so I have a good boob sweat going on.  This is on top of the expenditure of lifting and moving items.  But life is good.  We're getting out of town.  Soonish.

This is the bedroom.  Or what was the bedroom.  Sorry it's blurry, but taking pictures is not a priority at the moment.  I'm trying to consume water between being a pack animal for stuff to my vehicle.  And just to show off, the bag in the corner is full of all my polypropylene bags.  (There's like a half dozen crammed in there).  You can't have too many. :D

We had someone come through for a tour yesterday...mind you I was still in loungewear and looking hagard!  We haven't had one since so I assume he's liked it enough to have it after we're gone.

Guy: "Not to be nosey, but why would you move out of such a place?"  (We know, it's awesome too).
Wook: "Uhhh, military orders to California." (Uhh,'s Norfolk...isn't everyone in the military here?)

What was once a land mind full of Goodwill items is now a clear(er) hallway.

Mr. Wookie is hard at work before we run out of daylight.  I'm thinking of picking up some beer soon and mixing it with Gatorade.  I hear it's good.  At least you can get your buzz on while consuming electrolytes.  Health first.

And our personal safety officer to make sure our shat isn't stolen while we're both inside.  I never trust the hooligans that venture Downtown.  So his sole duty is to play games on his iPhone.  And ask us for a refill on his rum and coke.  Payment is due.

But you'll hear from me soon enough.  So until then, it's been swell.


  1. The Sheriff wonders....Is that one of the street people to guard your stuff? Since you're paying in alcohol....

  2. I am looking at your apt and I am shaking my head. Did I do this to you? 31 years of Naval Service and 12 moves. Son, it is in your genes.

    Be sure to muster in with the moms (and the Sheriff).

    Love you kids, Be safe, take breaks, make sure you have water and lay off the carbs. They will make you sleepy.

    Hugs and kisses, Wookie Mom