Tuesday, August 3

So about that pregnancy scare...

Yesterday was totally mean.  But yesterday was totally fun.

We connived the idea yesterday, while coming back from pedicures, that we should make people double-think about who was pregnant by linking my blog to Mommy McD's blog.  Because harboring an ewok myself would land a multitude of questions from family and friends.  But this way, I could just scare the crap out of people.  And it would result in maniacal laughter on my end.

That is until people didn't click on the link I posted on Facebook, and instead offered me "Congratulations!" on the new brood solely because it had an ultrasound picture.

This is NOT what I wanted.  I wanted people to play by the rules.  I wanted them to link to my blog, then link to Mommy McD's blog, then congratulate HER on the news.  She's having her third boy.  She's enjoying the future of male-dominated household.  She gets to revel in her status as a Jill Taylor in the Home Improvement world.  She gets my desired offspring.  Knowing my luck now, I'll get shafted with girls.  Just what I don't want.

But NO, I had to soak the fire that was started.  Ugh, not fun.  Really, people?  You guys just COULDN'T play along and check out my plan.  Way to ruin it!

So in the end...No, I'm not the one pregnant.  I just know how to keep secrets from everyone.  But now I've learned my lesson that I shouldn't try to maneuver news like I did.  I end up having to be my own Public Relations team.  And I don't even get paid for it.

So much for still being unemployed... 

1 comment:

  1. Put it on your resume.

    Successfully navigated a false pregnancy scare coordinating between the social networking platform Facebook and wookieandcompany.com.

    P.s. love the new look!