Monday, August 23

Found: Bartender for Hire

Well, good morning all!  How was your weekend?  Have you missed me?

I hope so, because I feel naked when I don't blog.  Now you're going to think of my naked, which isn't hard.  Just think of vampires, because I'm super pale.  Well, at least I was.  I now have a killer tan on my left forearm.  From driving.  5 days across country.  Who's got tickets to Nascar now?  Because this driver's tan is HOT!

Anyways, just thought I'd cue everyone in on our progress, in a bit more detail.  We've toured a handful of properties, driven by twice as many, and stalked the neighborhoods of many more.  You can tell a lot from the vehicles.  And this was all over the weekend (which we didn't think we'd really get to do much since most places were closed).

But today is Monday = first business day of the week.  And we're going to hit them hard.  Well not really, because we'd like let them think we're not Russian Nationals.  But we've been totally dressing up to see we're out to date the property owners.

I'll say this.  I hate dating.  It's an evil dance that involves dinner, laughing at stupid jokes, men who need to lay off the cologne, and running for the front door after he drops you off.  Thus Mr. Wookie.  Dating over.  Ding.

Anyways, we're super kissing ass.

But after the long days out, we do come home for a beverage before we whip up dinner (picked up at the Commissary, since we're still living at the Lodge).  Last night was Stouffer's enchiladas = eh.  Anyone have any great, simple ideas for us since most of our kitchen is in storage?  Thanks!!!

Hi, Little Man again, what's your poison?

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